25 Indoor Kids Activities

With hurricane Matthew approaching Florida’s shores, I realized that I needed to prepare. Part of those preparations include having the kids home for a couple of unscheduled days, with the possibility of no power or running water, and definitely no outside play time. So, I went on my Pinterest and quickly found some indoor kids activities to keep the kids entertained. Here is what made my list…

1. Balloon Ping Pong: 

2 paper plates, 2 popsicle sticks, some string, and a balloon can be so much fun.

2. S’mores: 

Even if the power goes out this is a perfect activity. You can wrap them in foil and heat over a large candle.

3. Indoor Foot Volleyball:

All you need for this one is a string and a balloon. Each person has to be in a crab crawling position and you kick the balloon over the string. You can also use a sheet in place of the string.

4. Glow-in-the-dark Party:

Grab some glow sticks (available at the dollar store), turn on some music and rock out!glow-in-the-dark-party

5. Balloon rocket: 

Tape a string or yarn to the back of a chair. Place a straw on the string and secure the other end of the string to the wall. Blow up a balloon (do NOT tie it) and tape it to the straw. Release the air and watch it go! You can do several of these and race them or you can do one and time them.

6. Playdoh

7. Sorting colors

8. Laundry basket skeeball: 

Create a cardboard box ramp leading up to a couple of laundry baskets, and roll the balls for points. Sarah from Frugal fun for boys is amazing for coming up with this idea! Here are her pictures of the boys enjoying skeeball.laundry-basket-skee-ball-fb-1024x1024

9. Laser maze:

Tape up your hallway to create a laser maze like the kind you would see in a spy movie. Each person has to try to get through the hallway without touching the lasers. Masking tape works well.

10. Glow-in-the-dark Tic Tac Toe:

Create  X’ and O’s with glow sticks

11. Shadow puppets

12. Painting or coloring

13. Toy hunt:

Get around 5 to 10 of the smallest toys your kids have. Show them the toys and designate someone to hide the toys while everyone’s eyes are shut. Now find the toys!

14. Minute-To-Win-It Games:

This is perfect for older kids and adults. You can find some ideas on my Pinterest Family fun board. They are all over YouTube and Google also.

15. Indoor Hopscotch:

Write the numbers on sheets of paper, and let the kids color them. Tape them down to the floor and have some hopscotch fun!

16. Bubble Wrap Fun:

If you have any bubble wrap laying around, pull it out and tape it to the floor.  Once that’s done, the sky is the limit.  The only rule is that you can’t walk on the bubble wrap, or pop it with your hands in the typical way.  Run, jump, roll, do cartwheels… whatever you think of! 

17. Indoor soccer:

If you’ve got a bit of open space, transform it into a soccer field!  All it takes is a soccer ball (or some other medium-sized ball) and two laundry baskets. This is great for the whole family

18. Storytelling:

Just like camping, you can tell stories that you’ve heard, whether they are funny or scary. Or, you could build a story with each person adding a single sentence to the story to keep it going.  You could also tell jokes, or have someone read aloud. Great group fun!

19. Indoor bowling:

Grab some frozen water bottles and layout 5-10 pins. Designate one water bottle as the “ball”. Keep track of the frames and help your kids tally their scores.

20. Board games:

Monopoly, Life, CandyLand, Operation, Chutes & Ladders, Sorry, Connect Four, Trouble… all the classics! Don’t have board games? You can print some for free here.

21. Dominoes:

If you have older kids then you can teach them how to play dominoes. For younger kids, help them arrange the dominoes before knocking them down.  This will keep them occupied for a while 🙂

22. Three Little Pigs in Action:

See who can build the strongest house, using whatever materials you have laying around (straws, cards, etc).  How do you decide which house is strongest?  You huff and puff and blowwww the house down!

23. Ring Toss:

Water bottles and glow sticks are all you need for this activity. Change the difficulty by adjusting the distance, angle or height involved. A particularly difficult variation you can try is to lay the water bottle over the edge of a table. This is another one that is great for the entire family

24. Build A City:

Grab some different toys and some masking tape and create a city with streets, houses, people… the works! Imagine what could happen in your city and act it out! This is great for younger children.

25. Racing Toy Cars
Hope you and the kids enjoy these indoor activities!




Rainy day? Snowed in? Here are some great activities both you and the kids will enjoy.

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