30 Is The New 30

Happy Birthday to me!

I am officially 30!! I dreaded that number for many years. The goal was to stay 25 forever. It was the perfect age. I would still get my car insurance discount and I would be old enough not to make the drunken mistakes I did when I was 21. People would still view me as young, but mature.

As I aged past 25, however, I noticed how each year was so much better. I began to enjoy life more. I became content with who I am. Thirty didn’t look so bad! To celebrate, here are 5 things I plan on doing in my 30s.
  1. New Wardrobe. I am a firm believer that every major milestone should be celebrated with some new clothes. It’s a great way to look the way you feel. I feel more mature, so I plan to stop looking like I’m 18.
  2. Going out on more dates. Yes, I know I’m married! Dates are great ways to get to know and bond with people and yourself. I plan on dating my husband, my children, my girlfriends, and myself. I look forward to growing with each of them.
  3. Taking bolder steps and challenging myself. I am more confident starting my 30s than I was my 20s. I know I can accomplish more. I have learned how to trust God and move when He says move. I plan on not being so reserved with my moves.
  4. Taking more pictures. I have a lot of pictures of everyone but myself. It’s almost like I’m in never at any event lol. I plan on changing that. I believe pictures are great confidence boosters. And, they’re a great way to keep myself accountable on not looking like a teenager.
  5. More getaways and stay-cations. My husband and I take one vacation a year. I would love to increase that to 4 a year. Two of them would be family vacations, and the other 2 for me and hubby. I want to show my children that life is not all work and no play. It’s about balance.
I’m sure I will add to this list as I accomplish each goal. I am excited to see what adventures my 30s will bring! I am equally as excited to share them with you. 30 is the new 30! I embrace my age and wouldn’t change it for anything.

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