4 Things A Mom Needs After Baby Is Born

After having a baby you will notice that there are a few things you need that never made it to the baby registry. Here are 4 things a mom needs after baby, that you may not have thought of in all the excitement.

1. Jeans That Fit

5 Things For Mom After Baby Is Born

You may find it hard to fit into some of the jeans in your closet. Or, if they do fit, you may not like the bulge/muffin top. Low rise jeans are not friends with the postpartum body. I like mid rise because it gives a nice cinch similar to a shapewear item. You will easily look like you just lost 5-10 lbs. High rise jeans will do this as well for those with longer torsos.


2. Shapewear

5 Things For Mom After Baby Is Born 2

Invest in a nice medium strength seamless high waist shaper. These are great to wear under dresses and slacks. It will give you smoothness without suffocating you. Maidenform is one of my favorite brands for shapewear. They have been doing it for decades and it always works for me.


3. Good Bras

5 Things For Mom After Baby Is Born 3

I beg you to get fitted! I can talk bras for hours, but I won’t today. Go to Macy’s, Dillards, Hanes, or a local bra shop (they still have those) and get fitted (I don’t recommend Victoria’s Secret). When you get in the right size bra it is an automatic confidence booster. Your posture is corrected, which helps to alleviate back pains. Plus, you will be able to go to that “I’m going to hold on to this until I lose weight” section of your closet and actually be able to wear shirts and dresses that you haven’t worn in years. Yes, you also need to get fitted for a nursing bra.


4. New Tops

5 Things For Mom After Baby Is Born 4

When it comes to tops choose something that will easily allow you to breastfeed. Avoid items that are too cramped because it can cause you to leak. Either something loose or a button down will work. This way you won’t have to take off the shirt to breastfeed.  The other benefit to wearing a loose shirt is looking like you were never pregnant in the first place. Be careful not to get something too loose though, or you may lose your shape.


These may not be the first things that come to mind after having a baby. But they definitely help you get back to feeling like you again not just a milk dispenser. They are some key items that will keep you looking and feeling great until you can make it to the gym.

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