About Me

Welcome to StantheWoman.com! My name is Standeline Thomas, founder of Stan the Woman, a place for great advice on handling the daily tasks of being a Woman, Mom, and keeping it all together. I started this site after realizing that I have life experience and  great knowledge that can help you gain the confidence needed to steer through life’s many challenges.


All about StantheWoman.com

The tagline for this site is Direction, Purpose, and Organization. These are the 3 words I feel describes life. They are what can help you through any situation

Direction is following God in all that you do. I have made it my priority to allow the Holy Spirit to be a lamp unto my feet. OMGoodness, she’s a Christian, YES!!! I spent most of my 20s asking God the same question over and over: “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” I get little bits of the puzzle at a time as I grow in His Word. So far I am to be a help. That means being a help meet (wife), helping in ministry, and helping women. Hence the site 😉 !

Purpose is the destination you move towards as you follow God’s direction. My primary purpose is to take care of my family. I was married in February of 2009 to my amazingly patient, handsome, and hilarious husband, Adam. We have 3 beautiful children together,  Neo (boy, 5), Sarah (girl,4), and Anah (girl,2) . To say we stay busy is an understatement.

Organization is taking deliberate and regimented steps towards your purpose. It used to be my biggest struggle, but getting organized has helped me to be more efficient and productive . There are still some areas that I’m sprucing up (i.e., keeping a super clean home all the time), but that’s life. There’s always room for improvement.


So, you told me about the site, now tell me more about you…..stanthewoman.com

As I said, my Name is Standeline (Stan) Thomas. I was born in Haiti and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I have a BS in Criminal Justice. My passions are: bras, real estate, helping others, shopping, and cooking…  all of which you will hear more about in the coming months.

My name has no meaning. The “tween” me saw this as a fault. I started calling myself Stan because my name was so long and unique that I got tired of explaining it. Little did I know calling myself Stan would bring more questions. “Are you a man that got a sex change?” “No,” I would constantly reply. “I am Stan the woman.”

I didn’t grasp the name that I gave myself until someone I helped with a problem said “Stan, you are the woman!” Something clicked. In that season I was studying on the virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 and that phrase changed my entire mindset on how I viewed myself. I am the Woman! I can do all things through Christ! I am a Jacqueline of all trades! From then on I became Stan the Woman. It is a constant reminder that with His help I can handle it, whatever “it” may be.