Do’s of Blogging for First Time Bloggers

Do's of Blogging I've Learned in My First

I have been blogging for 7 months now. My head has been at times overwhelmed and at others empty. I have had some successes and some low points as well. I built my website from scratch with some help in setting up my domain with WordPress. I don’t have millions of followers yet but I thought I would share with you some blogging Do’s to help you start blogging on better footing than I did. A lot can happen in 7 months!


DO Get Organized

  • Organize your writing times so they can be productive. How many hours are you willing to work on your blog per week? How are you breaking those hours down each day? I finally found a system that works for me. I am working on the blog 10 hours per week. I spend an hour every day working on the blog. What makes this work is planning what I will be working on in those hours. I plan whether I will be working on back-of-the-house stuff to keep up with the look of the site, or reading to learn more about my craft. Every week I create outlines for at least 3 blog posts, and on Saturday or Sundays I schedule 4 hours for writing ONLY.


  • You want to get organized to maintain a work/life balance. One of the things I found when I started blogging was that I spent a lot of time looking at the computer screen. I would jump from one task to another and from one website to another. I would get so caught up that I neglected my regular duties. The cleaning fell off, laundry got backed up, and dinner was made late. It is exciting to start a new adventure with blogging, but don’t neglect existing responsibilities for the blog. There is room in your life for it all, if you plan properly.



2. DO Concentrate on Content

  • This was something that I knew but it was hard for me to keep up with it. Your number one focus should always be on providing more content; everything else is secondary. Content is the foundation of any blog. Readers will not come to your blog see advertisements. They are not coming because of your web design, affiliated links, etc. What draws people to your blog is your writing. They want more of what you have to give. Whether it is fashion, media, or whatever it might be, give the people what they want… Give them more of you!



3. Do Set Your Own Pace


  • Don’t get confused. Focusing on content does not necessarily mean more frequent posts. I have read on many blogs that you have to have a minimum of 3 posts a week to be successful. I can say that is not true. I have seen many blogs that are successful with just one post a week. You don’t need to “conform to the norm” in order to be successful. So long as you have one person doing it you have proof that it can be done. And, even if no one is doing it… you can become the one! Create your own success story. Work at a pace that you can maintain. I may write 3 posts a week but I only post one per week. This allows me to build a ready supply of posts and stay ahead of the game. Consistency is what matters. Find something that works for you and be consistent with it. There is no blogger race. You will not lose out on readers by not moving as fast as other bloggers.



4. Do Network

  • I have joined some great Facebook communities for bloggers. I love my blogger friends! You need to network because it keeps you around like minded people. As a new blogger, having a support team through these groups is priceless. They are open to sharing their experiences. The groups I joined were created by bloggers that have a heart to teach. When I get stuck, I post questions and to the rescue they come. Here are some groups that I am a part of…
    1. Blog Meets Blog
    2. Blogger2Business
    3. Bloggers: Learn, Grow, Encourage
    4. DYOB: Blog Beautiful
    5. Learn to Blog



5) Do Focus on Your ‘Why’


  • This is very important. It is easy to lose focus on why you are writing in the first place. Try not to. My main goal for my blog is to help empower women. When I lost focus of that and started looking at the money others were making from their blogs, I would start working on my blog to obtain financial success instead of helping women. Why are you writing? Keep that in front of you every day to stay on track and not lose focus. As you grow your vision will also grow and be tweaked but your overall mission should not change.



6) Do Take Action


  • Trial and error sums up blogging. You can get organized as much as you want to but until you actually take action and do something you won’t know what works and what doesn’t work for you. You can have ideas for new content but until you write it you have nothing. Like Nike says, “Just do it!” Do something Now!

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    Thanks for the great tips! I agree with all of them. I love blogging and I’ve found myself slipping with laundry and dinner just as you stated. We should definitely make a plan and go from there.

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      Thanks Natasha! I find myself coming back to this post as a reminder.

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