Organize My Life: School Routine Time Savers

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School is about to start and I am excited!! This is the first time that I will have all 3 children out of the house on a weekly basis at the same time! Neo is entering 1st grade this year . Sarah is entering Pre-K, and she is beyond excited to be going to school. And we decided to put Ana in a two day program so she doesn’t feel left out. So for 2 days a week I will be childless for most of the day. Mommy party!! All I can think about is how clean my home will stay. Not only that, but this means faster grocery shopping, daytime work hours for the blog and time for relaxation (choir starts singing right about now). With my son being at a different school than my daughters I realize my mommy taxi season is starting. So, I wanted to make things a little easier to save some time and manage the stress of getting the kids out the house in time with everything they need. Here’s how I organize my life for school.


1. Prep Clothes
Prepare the week’s clothes and place them in storage bags( I used 2.5 gallon bags) labelled with days on them. For those kids that can’t read you can simply stack or arrange the bags in order. I iron then neatly fold the clothes before putting them in the bags. I also include underwear and socks and place them all in the drawer. When the kids get up in the morning all they have to do is grab a bag and get dressed. Don’t forget to prep an extra outfit or two in case of any accidents. Place an extra outfit in your trunk as well so you can be prepared if you want the kids to change after picking them up from school. This way you don’t have to worry about them messing up their school clothes.  This will give you back at least 15-20 minutes a day. Plus, it’s one less thing for you to think about.


2. One hairstyle for the week.

My girls have a lot of hair. It can take 30 minutes just to do Sarah’s hair. If I want a more intricate hairstyle then you’re talking hours to get it done. So the girls get one hairstyle for the week. Wrapping their hair every night helps to maintain its neatness. I refresh the style to keep it nice if needed. By doing this I easily save 15 minutes a day.


3. Meal Plan/prep
From breakfast to dinner all meals are planned. I prep and pack lunches and snacks for the kids (and my hubby) a day in advance (more if possible). I found that the easiest way to do this is to copy the school’s lunch menu. They plan lunches for the month already, so why not make the same (or similar) things? Whether you cook weekly or nightly, this helps take the guesswork out of what you will make. I tweak the menu a little based on whether I think it’s healthy or not. No matter where you may end up, it’s a great place to start. Planning breakfast saves valuable time in the morning.. If you know you want to make pancakes, for example, you can make the batter the night before. Don’t forget to pack something for yourself! This can give you back an extra 10 minutes per day. Check out my Pinterest for meal ideas.


4. Create a home routine
When the kids come home they are  in charge of emptying their lunch bags and placing their water bottles and food containers in the sink. They then put their take-home folders on our desk station, and ultimately take their backpacks to their rooms. This is so I can 1) know where everything is 2) remember to sign off on their folders for school the next day and 3) ensure their backpacks are placed in a secure place and ready for pick up the next day. No more yelling in the morning where is your lunch box. Saving me another 5 minutes a day.


5. Stick to the Plan

Typically, when the school year starts everyone has a plan but they drop it because it gets harder to keep everything up as the year progresses. Initially, doing all this prep may seem like you are biting off more than you can chew… but keep going!! You will see how simple, streamlined and longer your days become. Keep going! Getting an extra 45 minutes per day is worth it!

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    Excellent school routine time savers. I like the clothes prep!

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    Great read! I love organization to this was awesome. Love the idea of having the clothes ready for the week! Look forward to more posts!

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      Thanks Mirlande! Having their clothes ready for the week has been working so well that I may start doing mine that way.

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