Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and as many of us know it can be one of the hardest events to shop for. Here are some out of the box gifts for her that go beyond the ordinary chocolate, flowers, and card.


~Upgraded Chocolatechocolates For-Women

If your lady loves chocolate then instead of handing her a box of chocolate take her to a chocolate class. Many of the local chocolate shops offer a class to make your own truffles or samplers. Now you have just elevated a box of chocolates to an unforgettable experience.

~Extended Experience

I have noticed many men find it easier to give a gift card. It may be easy but it also is boring. Add a little more to your gift card this year by adding a gift from the store as well. Let’s say you are planning to give your wife a gift card to a lingerie shop. Get her two or three sexy panties as well (something you would love to see her wear!). Wrap the gift card in the panties and place it in a gift card box. You have now extended the valentine experience for her. She gets a gift for now and one for later. If you don’t want to deal with sizing, this can work with jewelry, handbags, or bath and body items as well. Get your spouse some edible bath and body items with the gift card.

~Extra Timegiftoftime

This is a great gift for a mom or your wife. Hire a maid for her. It can be for a day, a whole week, or once a week for a month or two. For whatever days you hire the maid take her out on dates. There is something about coming home to no work that can make a woman feel fantastic. Now, at dinner, putt putt golf, movies, under the stars (or wherever you take her) she is not thinking about all the work she has to do when she gets back. The only thing she has to think about is how thoughtful her husband is.

~Memoriescute romantic couples in love wallpapers (3)

Schedule a photo shoot for the two of you. Prepare a mix of love songs to play as the photographer takes your photos. With dips and spins make her smile. Make her feel like you two are the only people in the room. It makes for some great shots and memories she can cherish for a lifetime.

~Romancing around the kids

You may not have a babysitter for the day. So this really is the time to think out of the box. Do things that may include the kids but carefully sneaking in something just for her. A perfect example is love notes for a day. Give her a love note every hour. If you can’t do every hour pick a frequency for the notes and in between whisper in her ear something beautiful or sensual. Have fun with it. Make the note a small questionnaire or fill in the blank. Send it via the kids. Send it with a small gift that would represent what your note reference (it can be things around the house).

~The Love Jarjaroflove2

Simplicity can bring some of the best gifts. Cook dinner together and have a movie night. To make it more than just an ordinary night, add clear Christmas lights to set the mood and move the couch out the way to dine on blankets and pillows. Add a little more by taking turns writing on pieces of papers what you love about each other and placing them in a mason jar. As time passes you can go back to the jar to reread or to add more notes.

In all this giving don’t forget that what she really wants is special time with you. Be there to make her laugh and smile. Your love can be shown in many different ways but nothing beats hearing the words I Love You! Hope this helps you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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